Saturday, August 19, 2006

fuck fuck mother fuck

I have three articles due today that I really don't feel like writing. I write questionable content under a pen name. don't even think about asking me what that content is, cause I ain't spillin'.

I'm so god damned frustrated for a change, but I am getting closer to building a bridge and getting over it. I just never, in a million years thought I'd be "here" where I am at this point in my life. I know, 90% of people feel the same way. GOT IT. doesn't make it any easier. yes, I'm grateful for many things. still, it doesn't diminish the agida.

people suck.

I need benadryl.

louie is so cute.

gotta run. we're going for a drive along the coast and then to play some catch on the beach. that should clear the ol' noggin.

eh who cahes.

aol is free!

here's a heads up... aol is now free. that's right, free, F-R-E-E.

for those of you who don't know and are still being charged like I was, get on the horn to them right now by logging into your aol account. type in keyword: billing live support, cancel and get your money back.

I don't use aol anymore except for IM, but I wanted to keep my email address because I've had it for 10-years until I've completely migrated everyone over to my gmail. not so easy to do believe me.

two weeks ago the service became free regardless of their broadband provider and one week ago they charged my card $239! I was furious. got a full refund. I suggest you do the same...

steve martin's script notes

have ya'll read steve martin's passion of the christ script notes? it is so funny! read it.

Dear Mel:

We love, LOVE the script! The ending works great. You'll be getting a call from us to start negotiations for the book rights.

Love the Jesus character. So likable. He can't seem to catch a break! We identify with him because of it. One thing, I think we need to clearly state "the rules." Why doesn't he use his super powers to save himself?

The creative people suggest that you could simply cut away to two spectators:

Spectator one: 'Why doesn't he use his super powers to save himself?'

Spectator two: 'He can only use his powers to help others, never himself.'

Does it matter which garden? Gethsemane is hard to say and Eden is a much more recognizable garden. Just thinking out loud.

Our creative people suggest a clock visual fading in and out in certain scenes like the last supper bit: Monday, 12:43pm." or later, "Good Friday, 5:14pm."

Love the repetition of "is it I?" Could be very funny. On the eighth inquiry, could Jesus just give a little look into camera? Breaks frame, but could be a riot. Also could he change water into wine in last supper scene? Would be a great moment, and it's legit. History compression is a movie tradition and could really brighten up the scene.

Love the flaying !!!!!

Could the Rabbis be Hispanic? There's lots of hot Latino actors now, could give us a little zing at the box office. Research says there's some justification for it. Is there somewhere where Jesus could be using an IMac?

You know, now that I hear myself say it, it sounds ridiculous. Strike that. But think about it. Maybe we start a shot in heaven with Jesus thoughtfully closing the top? (Reminder: heaven is timeless).

The studio is very high on Johnny Depp right now. Just saw him in "Pirates." He was hilarious. Might be right for Jesus? Not so straightforward. He could bring a lot of pizzazz to the role. I think a meeting would be warranted.

Love the idea of Monica Belluci as Mary Magdalene (Yow!). Our creative people suggest a name change to Heather. Could skew our audience a little younger.

Love Judas. Such a great villain. Our creative people suggest that he's a little "conflicted." Couldn't he be one thing? Just bad? Gives the movie much more of a motor. Also, 30 pieces of silver is not going to get anyone excited. I think it's very simple to make him a "new millionaire." Bring in the cash on a tray. Great dilemma that the audience can identify with.

Minor spelling error: on page 18, in the description of the bystanders, there should be a space between the words "Jew" and "boy."

Merchandising issue: it seems the cross image has been done to death and we can't own it. Could the crucifixion scene involve something else? A Toyota would be wrong, but maybe there's a shape we can copyright, like an ellipse?

I'm assuming "the dialogue is in Aremeic," is a typo for "American." If not call me on my cell or I'm at home all weekend. By the way, I'm sending a group of staffers on a cruise to the North Pole, coincidentally around the time of the release date. Would love to invite your dad!

See you at the movies!


creepy gibson

of course smellG is a jew hatin' prick. poor thing has had to really keep that bit of trivia to himself.

but my mother made a really great point... as vile as he is, studios that are pulling his movie deals are condoning censorship. I don't have to see his movies ever again, and I won't. but, his voice shouldn't be stifled. if it is, we're dictating what is appropriate to say and what isn't. that's just wrong.

interesting, no?

change is good

but that doesn't mean I don't still love my breasts... I do. we're thick as thieves, tight as we ever were. metaphorically speaking of course.

I need change. why not. so, I figured a blog makeover. can't hurt. if we hate it. I'll change it back. at least it's an attempt at change.

I am pathetic.


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