Friday, July 06, 2007

oh to be a fundamentalist fuck

In case you were curious, the evangelicals, forbid men to wear women's clothing and women to wear men's clothing. I was shocked, too! I thought for sure these fundies would bend a little. not up the ass without lube a little, but enough to welcome a kilt and a glory hole. news?!

I could make this shit up... but. rewriting THE WORD is already the new black.

paris sure is making a difference in the world

paris hilton is dispensing pearls galore this week. I knew she was going to change the world. that paris sure is a supergal. check out her latest call to action to teens, tweens and weens. fuck poverty. fuck war. we've got the teen choice awards to vote for!
Teen Choice Awards 2007 Nomination
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Hope you all had a great holiday! Very exciting news…I have been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards ‘07, in the Female Reality/Variety category! The show is airing live Sunday, August 26th, 8pm/7pm CST. I would love for you to show your support by voting at the link below:

All my love,

she loves me. she really, really loves me. I feel that. do you?

pcunt also had a 4th of jewly message to all her fans. again with the contributions to society. ah, so giving. so charitable. so generous. so selfless.
Happy 4th of July!
Current mood: excited

Hey everyone! I'm back from my much needed vacation in Maui. It was so beautiful and relaxing. But its good to be home again. I just want to thank you all for your letters of love and support. I am doing my best to respond to each and every one with the letter I wrote--that message was for fans like you who have supported me through it all.I wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be updating my myspace and writing in more cause I haven't done it in awhile. The past month has inspired me to move forward with some exciting new projects, so I will keep you all posted. Happy 4th of July everyone, and remember to be responsible and have a designated driver! Just looking out for you all. I love you and have an amazing summer!


ps: I'm so glad she found someone to dig inside that cavernous, echoing beaver of hers and search for proof of life. I wonder if she found it... that one will haunt me forever.

ppss: what does it mean when paris says she's working?


oh look, it's chuvvy jesus. maybe I should focus on one font style for my blog. thoughts?

still nothing

the first true american drag queen, judy garland. and what is she hawking? pan-cake make-up. if that isn't the bees knees, I don't know what is.

I would pay someone to sleep right now. actual dollars.

if I thought throwing my head against a wall would help, I'd do that, too.

I need sleep drugs. nah. I already have guilt, shame and neurosis. I don't really need another monkey on my back. though, it could be festive.

it urks me when people don't email me back. I e-stalked one of my girlie friends back home a month ago and she hasn't e-stalked me back. maybe she's breaking up with me. after 25 years of friendship, I would expect more. oops, there I go with expectations. schwartzy, you know better than that. it's true. I do.

for the love. please let me sleeeeeeep.

let's hope this one's productive

I have raging insomnia. I was horizontal for two hours and bupkas. I mean bup-kas. I am beyond exhausted. god forbid I fall asleep for 5 mother fucking cock sucking minutes. it's nerves. a busy brain. an overtired body.

I'm shooting for a productive insomniac experience by writing. if I churn out shit, that's just wrong on every level.

some people are such brilliant sleepers, so much so they do it for sport. why can't I be a sleep enthusiast? oh. those same people also wake up like a folgers ad. fuckers.

sleep heeblette, sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

nope. still not tired.



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