Friday, September 01, 2006

top 2 reasons we love tim gunn

1. tim gunn is the iconic classic queen
2. tim gunn doesn't realize he's the iconic classic queen

vagina fangs

according to the urban dictionary vagina fangs is basically the equivalent of needy chick syndrome. I HATE people.


my day SUCKED big fat vile heinous needy ASS. everyone wanted residency in my cavity and it really fucking COCK SUCKING pissed me off. do I have, bend me over and fuck me with a lube free cactus written on my forehead? do I? cause I swear to god, I feel like I've been bottoming for every tom, dick and prick in the free world. the nerve. the fucking gall of people?! and dismissive! nobody puts feahtty in the corner!!
we won't name names, but there is a dismissive asshole. I mean, ASSHOLIC asshole. like, unbelievable asshole in my life. like, are you fucking kidding me, you assholic, floss-free, food particle collecting FREAK. sometimes I wish I had a snappin' pussy! a gobbling, assholic eating snappin' pussy machine.
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! fuck this day!

write procrastinator makes me pee

how fucking hilar squared is

menses and more... oh joy

I am still bleeding. a lot. like there's a free gift in it for my egg if she OUT-bleeds every other menstruating twat this month.

so, on tuesday, I plugged something into one of the outlets in my kitchen and flames jutted out. yeah. I know. my slumlord sent an electrican over after I begged. he looked at it and said. "oh, yeah. there is a short. see the burned wire." ya know what he did to fix it? he didn't replace the wire of course. he put electrical tape around the socket!

if I wanted a white trash adventure in, test your life with a socket" I would've called kfed to fix it.


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