Monday, April 03, 2006

this makes my gums itch and my knees weak

I got this email in my box, not the good box, my e-box, this morning:


My name is M.
I am reaching out to aspiring writers (and those already established) to let you know that I am freely availavle to provide expert advice and information about all matters of male prison life and culture. It is my hope to help authors move beyound the erroneous popular media and governmental propaganda stereotypes of prisons and prisoners, and to put an end to this cycle of disinformation. Feel free to write or e-mail.


Po Box 0000

how did he find me????? this totally freaks me out!!! when did convicts get their own websites? I feel so guilty about being so freaked out by this. you just can't email a jew girl something like this. this is guilt of epic proportions.

'GMA's' Green is suspended for 1 month

NEW YORK -- "Good Morning America Weekend" executive producer John Green has been given a one-month suspension after an 18-month-old e-mail critical of President Bush was leaked to the press. ABC News made the move Friday, though spokesmen at the network declined comment. Green's e-mail from Sept. 30, 2004, apparently was written during a George W. Bush-John Kerry debate. One read: "Are you watching this? Bush makes me sick. If he uses the 'mixed messages' line one more time I'm going to puke."

I canNOT believe he was suspended for this! that is wrong on every level. talk back to amc, and tell them this is bullshit. how a producer is suspended for expressing his opinion about the president's gross stupidity is beyond me. news shmews. he's a producer. I'm sure if you went through Fox news producer emails you'd read about circle jerks in support of his lame ass decisions that have horrific repurcussions to americans.


bravo, john green. get em'


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