Saturday, April 12, 2008

For an Encore, You Would Have?!

Yesterday, I was heading down Sepulveda about to make a right on Santa Monica blvd. A white van was parked on the street. He didn't have a signal on and I couldn't tell if he was pulling in or out of his spot. Parking spaces are very hard to come by in Los Angeles, so it was a fair assumption. Yes? Yes. Okay, I continued forward and all of a sudden, I hear, "YOU SLOPPY CUNT WHORE" bellowing out of the driver's mouth, along with a solid middle finger. The "sloppy" made me scream, I could not stop laughing. So furious, he kept wailing SLOPPY CUUUUUUUUUUUNT. I HAAAAAAAAAAATE YOU. VICIOUS BITCH. BITCH. BITCH.

I couldn't figure out how sloppy factored into the equation. My car was clean. I was clean. What was so sloppy?

Andy Kindler

Run like a dawg and watch this video of Andy Kindler at the Toy Show in NYC. It's sooo funny. Check out Andy's site, too. You've seen his stand-up, yes?

Keeping Yas Up-To-Date and Such

Have you donated fundage to Pilcrow? You haven't?! Oh, honeys, you have got to ChipIn there's an incentive and all. Check it out, this from Guthyroo: "For every $25 you donate via our ChipIn page between today and May1st, you will be automatically entered in a drawing for a gift certificate to Wishbone (super delicious) Cafe here in Chicago. Donate $25, we'll enter your name once, twice for $50 and so on. Not bad!" It's flawless. To read more about the incentive, check out the Pilcrow Lit Fest Bloggy.

Leah from Accidentally Jewish is working with OSRUI about an upcoming retreat on May 2. Here's the dish about the retreat: "Discovery Shabbat is a one night retreat for people who are 25-40 and Jewish, curious about becoming a Jew, or interfaith couples who want to know more about Judaism.We have two great rabbis coming to lead the weekend and our regional outreach coordinator. The cost of the retreat is $75 per person and includes lodging, food and all of the workshops. We also have a Facebook Group for people interested in attending the retreat. From lighting the Shabbat candles through celebrating Havdalah together, it will be a great chance to talk through some big and little questions about Judaism. I can say from experience that a Shabbat at OSRUI is truly a restful Shabbat." Doesn't that sound lovely!

Artist, writer and all around Renaissance man, Lewchyroo: John Donald Carlucci, Wildwoods and Astonishing Adventures Magazine has just launched a kick ass Etsy store. You have got to check out his artwork, it's sooo beautiful! To find out more about his work, check out Rusty Dreams and Epiphanies: The Art of John Donald Carlucci on Facebook.


Oh, that Bubbsie is THE SHIT. He kicks ass hard and couldn't be more flawless if he tried. He sent me this fabbylish license plate with commentary and awwwl.
I don't know if the plate is supposed to reflect the Texan pronunciation of "overflow", or what. All I know is, you must have been in my subconscious
because the first thing I thought was the driver of this car is advertising her successful ovulation and/or menses: "ova" and "flo"
Hilar squared or what, children?!

Thank you, bubbsie :)


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