Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ooh, I Like This

I found some interesting tidbits online today I like what I've read so far. @NPRPolitics on Twitter posted this tidbit: Sarah Palin: New Face of Feminism. Check it out.

I'm crushing hard on From the Left at the minee. It might very well be that he is more irreverent than I am. Who knew?!

More keywords found yesterday that I simply had to post:

Avril Looks Like Chris Crocker - Hmm... Perhaps they do have an uncanny resemblance. I haven't given it much thought.

Craigslist Adult Diapers - Again w/the porn, oy.

Cuntessa - Why yes, I am honored, thanks.

Who is Mickey Avalon's Wife - I don't know, but I looooove the song Jane Fonda

Last Day to Vote on TravelingManRick's Essay!

Shalom loverboys and lovergirls...

So far TravelingManRick's essay McMunt's Idea of Health Care Reform has logged 5 votes! Today is the last day to vote, so click on over here and vote, vote, vote. Every vote counts, children.

Other spillable dish, I percolated a fine Ethiopian blend this morning that I'm happily sipping with non-dairy creamer. Yeah, I like a caramel cup'a Joe. I miss sugar hard. The fake shit'll kill yas. The organic shit makes me neesh. Ohjjjvell.

I'm PMS'ng. I have more errands to run today than a crack whore raising cash for a fix. I should clean today, really I should. I can't be bothered. I have too much to do and it's already 9:30. I've been up since the crack'a my ass. I've been reading all kinds of dish on my lefty lovin blogs (check my blog roll), as well as discovering some fine new reads slamming the snatcherella and loving every fucking word.

I am off to brush/floss and shower. I love flossing... my teeth, dearies. Gaaaaaaaaaaaahd.


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