Thursday, April 12, 2007

friday the 13th

tomorrow is friday the 13th... it's a lucky day. know why? it's our beloved big mouth's birthday! click over to that broad, amy guth's blog and wish her the happiest birthday ever.

happy birthday to you!

happy birthday to you!

happy birthday amy gu-uuu-uth

happy birthday to youuuuuuu!

mazel tov on an incredible year. may this next year bring even more good health, happiness and unbridled success.

hugs * kisses

I love you craigslist, oh yes I do!

Free Male Housecleaner/ Personal Assistant in exchange for a tease

Hi Ladies,

I am available to be your helper. I can be your assistant in any household chores you may need. I can clean, polish, scrub, vaccum any room inside your home, apartment or condo. I also can do yardwork, moving and some fixing.

In addition, I can also wash your cars and do some assistant officework such as paperwork, organizing, answering phone calls, taking down messsages etc. I can also do errands for you, drive to get some things or pick up whatever you need.

All my services are FREE! Just e-mail me.

I'm a nice guy, clean, honest, and respectful. 5'5 30/m All I ask is a little tease from you while I release myself. Just a pose in your underwear that's it. No sex or touching involved, I want to be safe also. I know that this is an unusual deal but I'm totally normal but a little shy. One time, short or long term available : )

I e-stalked him and asked, are fat chicks eligible? I'll keep you looped...


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