Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hate Mail or Hate Femail, You Decide

This morning, I woke up to this yummalicious mail in my box:

"I am so sorry that I took the time to view your website. gruel and spew. thanks for nothing. However your site and others like it have kept the hate mongers of your ilk out of jail for at least a couple of months.

Politially Ill"

We're going to break this down first, to be sure we understand it.

According to, Gruel is A thin watery porridge, or Chiefly British Severe punishment. That said, maybe s/he meant to say that s/he spewed their gruel after reading my site, or that until January 20th, Bush should forego water boarding me, and hand me over to the British for another form of severe punishment. Thoughts?

I couldn't find Politially on I hate to assume, but I'm almost positive s/he meant that s/he was politically ill after reading my "hate mongering" site.

It's true that I dislike evangelicals, zealot fundamentalists in any form. I do celebrate religion and those who practice religion that doesn't infringe on my political rights. I'm a practicing Jew for chrissakes. Two of my favorite people are fiercely religious, one is an Episcopal Priest and another is a devout Catholic. We're very supportive of each other's religious freedoms and have dished religion plenty. I've learned a lot from these two women and I'm wild about them.

What I'd like to know is how I am a "hate monger". To be clear, I am exercising my freedom of speech by writing about things that I am vehemently opposed to and support like: Overturning Proposition 8. Supporting Obama. Castrating the right wing for voter tampering. Calling republicans repubtards. Running a McCunt essay contest on my blog. Supporting a woman's right to choice. Stem cell research, and a slew of other causes and issues.

I think s/he, the author of this email should meet the broad who left this comment last night:

"O my god! You are a Jew! Don't you feel bad about that? Don't you know that the Jews murdered our Lord? Get yourself together and turn to the right religion before it's too late, girl!"

Yes, I am a JEW, a big screaming proud Jew. Jesus was a Jew, too, sugartits. Just an FYI, I think you might want to re-read your bible because we didn't murder Jesus. Jew-on-Jew killing ain't how we roll, yo.

PS: The proper term for "O my god" is "OMG" or "Oh my God", just a lil FYIer for ya.

Tomorrow, you must stop by. I scored an interview with the Editor-In-Chief of Farmhouse Magazine that I will be posting, and, and, and, their first anthology hits newsstands on November 10th!


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