Friday, October 27, 2006

a little play never hurt

my sister and I were strolling down the street with jewcifer yesterday and some strapping chubby stud from across the way was chatting me up about louie. he was so noshable. so, I said to my sister as we were en route to my house:

now that's an entree, sweetie. succulent and delish. I'd fuck him with your pussy.
to which she replied, ohhhkay. I'm uncomfortable. why can't you just use yours?
so, I waved my hand across my beav and said, hi. temporarily out of commission. menses?! you can't fuck new meat with a bleedinV.

we hit a boundary wall. affectionately nicknamed, girlriend time.
ah, such a proud moment for katie.

photo credit:: menstruating barbie

buy bacon

al. u know. bacon bits and midget parts. is an artist and he's selling his handmade creations. famous dead people. it's a whole line. original art. kick ass t-shirts. totes.

spock is a chubby chaser

the full body project. photo essay. who knew spock had a hard on for the chubbettes?!

it's quite beautiful actually.
he's got big moxie.
you go, spock!


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