Saturday, March 17, 2007

leepee redeems herself

she posted a scrapbooking journal entry of the whole cauble fucking clan. there are tons of entries, kiddies. ya-fuckin-hoo! I posted my fave. check it out, bitches...

your resident, hedonistic heeb

lisa whelchel's favorite blogs

I am heartbroken... I did not make lisa whelchel's favorite blogs list. fuck. fuck. mother fuck. that fucking sucks. gaaahd. what the fuck do I have to do to get in this bitch's good graces. for the love of jesus mary and josephina.

jessica simpson... writer?

Simpson recently announced that she hopes to release a book of her photos - "mostly of landscapes, of the sky, clouds" - accompanied by journal entries related to the shots. "I know exactly what I was going through when I was taking the picture, and I write it down as I take the picture, so it will be that kind of book."

a picture book with captions of her inner-most thoughts. wow... that jessica is so deep.

dear inner-most thought;

this is a picture of a landscape that I took all by myself in color. oops. I forgot to put film in the camera. oh, wait, duh, it's digital. right? ashlee, is this digital? um. I don't know. ask dad. ok. dad, is this digital? what, jess, the camera or the phone? oooh. now, I'm really confused.

anyway, reader of my inner-most thought picture book, this is an "image" of a land scape taken by me, jessica simpson.

random shit

I've been thinking about pick-up lines today. I'd love to go up to a man at a bar and say, know where I can find an std as fine as you?

I'd also like to say to a gardener, I'm looking for a mild vaginal infection, what can I plant in my canal to grow one?

I said a had a pulse, not that I was right in the head.

I'm not dead

just in case anyone was wondering, I haven't peeled. I don't even have one foot on the peel. it's been a hell of a mother fuckin' cock suckin' week. will post later. don't break up with me.

ps: your comments rock. talk about making a girl's day. who's a grateful bitch? fehatty, tittiestum, me.



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