Wednesday, January 24, 2007

dear coco's vagina

dear coco's vagina:

hi! how are you? it's sooo great to see you making the rounds. so, I wanted to ask you, what's it like to be a show and tell vagina? you're like so famous! omg. I googled coco's camel toe and got 212,000 search results on google. can you believe that?! but, get this, when I googled coco's vagina, I got 500,000 + results... crazy, girl.

you seem to get invited to the coolest functions ever! but, I wonder, have you thought about visiting schools for the blind? I think that could seriously be your target market. not that I know for sure, but they could definitely use some guidance and you are such an expert! vaginal braille could really take off. I can SO see a braille vadge calendar on coco's world. can't you? I bet your audio pod casts would be all the rage.

anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. so sorry! how did you get into lip show and tell? when did it start for you? I bet I know, high school, right? there was some boy you were all wet and bothered for and he just wasn't that into you until you started wearing proper tacowear. he must'a flipped his lid. yowza.

if you'll notice, I included a picture of you wearing a more modest lipfit versus the one I posted earlier, which is a more severe lipfit. does the event dictate the lips, does ice or does your handler?I can't imagine how mine would decide. mine is a bit of a pussy-- hates being divided in two. I guess they see themselves as a team. but, when I look at you, you absolutely work as a team. you take the divide in stride. very cool. so, I don't know what the problem is. maybe you have some advice for my vadge? I'm WAY OPEN to feedback.

I do have one weird question... wearing skirts, talk about lip R-and-R! huh?! that's why you wear them, right? or only when you menstruate? wait. do you menstruate regularly?

anyway, I hate to cut this short, but I gotta run. can't wait to hear back!


ps: I love how you and ice coordinate outfits and you're very into pastels. so cute. send him my love.

coco's vagina

I just need to understand why a cavernous taco is a perfect accessory. we're talking big pookie pain, so what's the scoop behind the scoop?! no accidental lip chick enjoys the ride, BELIEVE ME. is it a status thing? are tacos making a comeback?


I'm with vadge, I'm spreadin' my ass out. I ain't nobody's, at your convenience, girl. talk about a self-esteem buzz kill. gahhhd. unless someone's willing to travel down compromise lane, it's severely dead.


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