Thursday, July 19, 2007

channeling the ass of a corpse

I usually leave shitlogue to the goddess that is vocab because she does it so perfectly. however, what happened today in my porcelain goddess made me want to run from myself. recall, I am a vegetarian. I don't even know what happened. I haven't changed my diet. nothing out of the ordinary. same old agida as yesterday and the day before that. all's I know is that the corpse of some 16th century chauvinist crawled out of my ass this morning gasping for air and pleading for a second chance.

ps: bethy nominated me for a rockin girl blogger award. I am so touched. I love that girl's blog and I adore her! this weekend I'm posting. I am. I am. I am. it requires thought, donchya know.

you must read her post and also see the nominees. I was so flattehed to be in the company of such fuck-off-vulva power bloggers. lulu and beckeye nominated her. I can't find what they wrote about bethy's blog. argh.

(ps) their blogs are fab. hit their reads.

menses has commenced

the gates have opened and my flange is flowing with fire engine red blood. it's a crampy, gushy gaza strip between my sweet thighs.

it's a shame they don't make bush pads. though, I'd never shove a bushpon up my snatch, I'd happily bleed all over his smug, disgusting ass. and I love menstruating! love it.

bill clinton comes to hil's defense

perhaps that's true. but, what I see and hear when I look at this image is, katie, bring me your pussy to nosh on and finger bang. you don't?


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