Sunday, June 24, 2007

paul sings nessun dorma

have ya's seen paul sing nessun dorma? it's off the hook, yo. if you love nessun dorma as much as I do and oh boy do I love it hard, you will spit twice and die! play now.

dish and that

menstrual watch 2007 is tapering. I didn't have to purchase heritage library sized menstrual wear for my vagina this month, so I'm real pleased about that. did you know tampons are satan's little cotton fingers? I think I got that link from guthy, wp or doc. I can't remember. forgive jewgirl.

I'm not a born again, which means I'm allowed to shove any god damned thing up my flange I damn well please. do we know if christians masturbate? what's the scoop on vibrators? are they the devil's work? years ago, I wrote a joke about housing villages and cities in my womb. I have to find it and post it.

did you read about the kid born in new zealand. yeah. his parents wanted to name him 4real. the judge said no. no. no. that the name was unfair to the child. no shit. this really is a bubs post. I feel guilty posting bubsy oriented posts, though guilt is my cardio.

that's all I got right now. I have to get back to writing. I'm completely stuck on this one fucking essay. it's not so easy to write about the lighter side of molestation. I have to shower today. wait. that sounds like I don't do it daily. I do. I just always have to emotionally prepare for the shower cause I'm a freak.

Birkhead Says Dannielynn Pouts Like Anna

larry birkhead sold another yarn to ok magazine about anna nicole's spawn, dannielynn. do we all agree that the name dannielynn and the spelling is wildly white trash? ok. good.

"She has long legs and chubby little toes exactly like Anna's; it's like a mirror image," Birkhead tells OK! magazine in its latest issue. "It's really incredible. And I think her lips are her mom's lips; especially when she pouts. ... She also gets what she wants exactly like her mom always did as soon as she'd pout."
to me this reads like a future lifetime for television semicolon movie. dannielynn: once daddy's little girl. now his lovah at the supple age of 16. maybe it's because I'm writing an essay about molestation (funny of course), but I don't think so. and then there's this...

"I'm really hands-on, like too hands-on with my hand on the baby, a hand on the cell phone, a hand on the diaper," says Birkhead, who jokes that he has "a supersonic sense of smell when it comes to diapers."

if it feels like a fondler in training?!?!?!


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