Monday, February 05, 2007

ah, spring... an allergy sufferer's wet dream

the girlistic magazine spring edition is almost here. on march 1st, it will be available for downloading in pdfsky.

The March 2007 issue is themed on Feminism and Technology.

Find interesting articles on an array of topics relating to the theme, reviews of books like She's Such A Geek and Baghdad Burning II, interviews with amazing women including Paula Lerner, the latest in music and film, and Girlistic usuals like Brief Herstory Of..., The Omnipresent Feminist, My Vagina and Me, the Feminist Fun Page and so much more!

ps: the second installation of my vagina and me: my next ex, will be featured in girlistic.

if you missed my vagina and me: seeing eye to v and you're bored out of your skull and feel like wasting 5 minutes, click your ass on over to the essay. if you want to read kick ass articles and reviews, and support a fantastic feminist rag, click your ass on through to the winter edition of girlistic magazine now. right now.

ppss: listening to georgia on my mind-- is there a better way to ease the burden of insomnia? I think not.

pppsss:I could seriously ppss myself into a heated frenzy right about now. it's so passing-notes-in-fifth-grade.

and now for.... fartkisaf

between my schedule this past weekend and my focus on zealotinagate, I neglected to post friday's fears. I'm a whore.

fartkisaf: friday's fears and reminder that katie is a freak.... but on saturdays mondays.

1. I can't move into the downstairs apartment soon enough. watching louie brave the stairs is killing me.

2. halitosis. I floss twice a day, but I'm thinking of ramping it up to three times because I'm super phobic of hally.

3. another pop diva will remake mccarthur park and it will be an overly played, pop-tart topping phenomenom.

4. no good news this week.

FCC hears wrath of Senate Dems

hmm... something to ponder. yes, the democrats have control of congress, but is freedom of speech safe? check this out.

WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats on Thursday pressured the five FCC commissioners to set programming requirements for broadcasters as part of the industry's mandate to operate in the public interest.

In the FCC's first appearance before the Senate Commerce Committee since the Democrats took control of Congress, the lawmakers weren't shy about voicing their objections to what appears on TV.

Sen. John Rockefeller, D-W.Va., called television a menu filled with "junk, sex and scandals." Rockefeller and other Democrats -- most notably Sens. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota and Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey -- complained that the FCC was abdicating its obligation to police the airwaves."

I think TV is in the worst state it's ever been in," Rockefeller said. "I'm convinced the FCC has abandoned its core responsibility." fcc hears wrath of senate dems cont...

porn and pancakes

bubs of ramshackle compound, another favorite blogger of mine, has posted the funniest article about porn and pancakes. his commentary is hysterical and smart. the topic itself is worth the read.


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