Wednesday, March 15, 2006

did you know...

there is a magazine called, bass master?! the shame.

lisa welchel's new book

so, lw's got a new book, the me in mommy. do you see, me in mommy? cause I don't.

the book is for, spirit, mind and body.

spirit being jesus christ. what kills me is that she only writes for the christian dame. would it kill her to write about spirituatlity in broader terms???

what a dipshit thing to do. I love that curse word.

burka birds could seriously benefit from a "me in mommy" read.

the wedding

my sister's wedding was beautiful, truly amazing and wonderful! I had a fabulous time. my sister looked like a princess. I made a few friends. saw my flawless family. It was great. oh, and boy, did I make a show of myself walking down the aisle. I lost my bouquet and I was on ring duty, so I used the ring box as my bouquet. I also almost tripped, and screamed, "I'm ok! I'm cool!" when they asked for the rings, I said, "got it." I was so on it. In rehearsal, I really fucked that up, oh well.

I also joined weight watchers today cause I'm a fat ass fuckity fuck fuck.

Love my brothers. they were so perfect and fabulous. my dad - my mom. all great stuff.

more later. gotta work.


I'm not like a fire slut or anything, but I do think if a fireman comes onto a woman, be it single, married or otherwise, it is her civic duty to fuck him.


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