Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oy Vey

Did everyone have a firecrackin' 4th of July? Who did we do?
Last night, I stayed home, though I did have a nightmare. Judging from the content, I would have to say that my mind gave whatever fireworks I might have seen, a run for their money.
  1. The third anniversary (Mazel Tov) edition of Farmhouse Magazine is online now and it is fierce! Off-the-hook fiction, satire, poetry and of course, equally ya-may-zing images, too. Check it out, yo. I think the House of Farm is edgier then ever. Me likey.
  2. Yesterday, I caught up on some bloggys. WriteProcrastinator has a kick ass post about the Sunset district in SF with links to beautiful pictures. Frannylish wrote about "Sister of Charity Louise Lears, forced out of all church ministerial roles". Sister LL is an altruistic dame, a preacher, teacher and a true beacon of hope for the poor. She's all about justice and equality. Why wouldn't you want such a mensch like this in your corner?! I signed the petition and all. Such a shondj.
  3. I make 4th of July resolutions, not many, just a few key rezzies that might liberate me from useless patterns and habits.
  4. Bubbsie e-stalked me the most fabulous fucking link on the planet. A vadgey spa opening in NYC. Just what I always wanted, to be fingerbanged by a gyny while I Kegel. Some of the "spa" treatments are a fuckin' riot: Lazy Susan, Lip Sync, Inner Strength Personal Trainer, the list goes on for days... Grazie, B
  5. Have you been following SaltyMeat's vacation review? The pictures are divine and the commentary is quite perfect-- very bacon.


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