Friday, June 09, 2006

stupid shit people rarely admit

you know that lyric, "we built this city on rock and roll" :: I used to change it to, "we built this city on cock and soul."

you know that song, "silent night" specifically the lyric, "round yon virgin mother and child" :: I always thought the lyric was, "brown young virgin so tender and wild."

duh, schwartz. like some fuckin pedophile wrote that christmas jingle. not to rain on anyone's parade, but a nazi did write the wedding march, sp it could happen.

when I think of more shameful admissions. ok, so they're on the top of my head at all times. whatever. I need to take a shower.

what do we think of this slang, pussy fur?

it made me fall out, yo.

I know I shouldn't... thing is, I can't help myself

I have epic menstrual cramps. I am in agonizing pain, hostage to my ovum traveling at the speed of light through my womb and exiting with great fervor through my vaginal canal.

so, I read people online today to take the edge off.

let's discuss.

the subtext of this photo.

we all see it on her face, right?

"you belong to me now. period (no pun intended). look what I did for you. I own you. this blows a tatt away."

cormac brown does it again

cormac brown (aka) write procrastinator, one of my favorite writers, spins such visually delicious yarns. you've got to check out his latest piece. it's sooo romantic and mysterious.

run. read. now. like a dawg.

he said little as they paddled their way along the sunken streets


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