Saturday, April 28, 2007

hard and fast

it's our favorite fuck writer's birthday, al sensu over at hard-and-fast is 54. drag yer ass on over and wish that big ol' hunk o' man meat a hard-n-happy birthday!

sweet meat, happy birthday! I wish you a year of fantastic health, lots of happiness and everything your sweet, erotic heart desires!


vonnegut's asshole

shalom laaahvahs...

have ya's been following spitznagel's vonnegut's asshole project? if not, you must. run, read, now. ya's are gonna shit yaself with laughter.

eric has invited several of our favorite writers, including himself, brad listi, amy guth, charlie anders, paul fieg and a slew of other literary loves, to send in portraits of their assholes.

check it out, it's tits to the tenth power!


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