Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jew Wanna Know Why?

My beautiful, wonderful, altruistic sister is a teacher at a progressive private middle school. The kind of school I'd want to send my children to. They promote non-violence, foster creativity, and have implemented an Eco-education program. Fab, right? Right.
Today during lunch, right in front of the Jewess that is my sister, Student-A (who she's been teaching for 3-years), said to Student-B, "You worthless Jew, you should have been killed in Auschwitz."
Heartbroken, enraged and shaking as a result, she managed to handle herself with enviable dignity and grace, under what I regard as horrific circumstances.
She immediately took him to the Principal's office. With great pride and zero remorse, he not only acknowledged what he said, he continued on a tirade of hate that she'd never seen in him before. He also showed them web pages he'd authored, replete with Swastika backgrounds and venom for my people.
Here's the kicker... The kid is half-Jewish.
Take it in.
I know.
Ya need a minute.
Do you believe?!
The kid was expelled immediately.
The FBI and the police were called, that's how serious the situation was and is. His parents are devastated and shocked. I do wonder how they didn't know. Is that odd? He's got to have a full psych evaluation (Thank God).
After all was said and done, my sister took a minute, had one of those deep sobbing moments a girl needs after enduring that kind of hate and walked right back into her classroom to teach her students.
I'm in awe of the girl.
--Shameful, Funny Side Note--
She told one of her colleagues about what happened and he said, "Oh, I'm not really good with history. Is Auschwitz like a famous place?" Always the sardonic diva, regardless of circumstance, in a deadpan voice, she said, "It's a concentration camp." He asked, "Really? What kind?"
OY to the VEY. Capisceka?!
A counselor is coming in, to speak with the kids and the teachers. I'm very glad about that. Tonight, we had a lovely nosh and a good cry. I'm so proud of her.
Everyone's comments were fantastic and wonderful and thank you for your fabulousness. Bubbsie, the law enforcement adonis mentioned a few things I'd not heard of and wanted to be sure to share.
"There's a publication I get regularly, the Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report, and I also get stuff all the time from the ADL. This stuff is always out there, right underneath the surface ready to bubble up at any time. Right now one of the most active white supremacist groups in the Chicago area recruits heavily, and is largely composed of, Polish-born teens on the northwest side. How sick is that--kids from a country invaded by nazis adopting nazi imagery?"
"As for the kid himself--tell your sister to keep her eyes open and run like hell/call police if she sees that kid anywhere in her vicinity. And, sadly, he's not the first self-hating Jew to cross the line into nazi territory. Frank Collins, Chicago's most prominent neo-nazi back in the late 70's and 80's, was "exposed" by fellow nazis as being Jewish. The ADL and SPLC have profiled a handful of other men who've done similar things."


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