Saturday, November 18, 2006


see, I have a choice. I can run to the store and buy enough fat to clog a dozen arteries. or, I can blog the forlorn out of myself.

hence the stupid, queer ass posts.

fuck me.

boundless generosity

when I saw this, I thought, hey, mel gibson could really use a, pick me up and words of encouragement. so, I emailed him. his email address was surprisingly easy to find:


bad --> dish. news. e-stalks. calls.
mother fucker.

but, jesus hating bush... that's a good silver lining.


I just realized something. on december 30th, this blog will be a year old. do I get a prize? will google/blogger send me a chach? what do I get? the satisfaction of committing to something for a year? cause I'd really prefer something more tangible.

guess what?

well I'll be dipped in always, I just got my period. my menses. my flange is on fuego. crampage is not far behind.


fuck off.

it's time to stop blogging now.

I have things to do.

I'm procrastinating.

mother fucker.

that's one of my favorite curse words.

gotta go.
see you.

go with god,

this week's keywords

katie schwartz :: good
vaginal bleeding :: just because a girl acknlowledges a menses here and there, doesn't make her a vaginal bleeding post centric ho. then again, according to my darling romius, "I get the red runs 16 times a month."
great breasts :: I'm sure they were shocked as hell to happen upon my massive waistlettes
hymen :: hymen?
katie :: even better
menstrual barbie :: now that's a menses search I can live with
born to fuck schwartz :: from the searcher's lips to god's ears
circumsized is best :: I never said that
clit removal :: I NEVER said that
curse words list :: I would get an a+++
fucking me so :: oh, how I do wish
I'm menstruating :: again with the menses
katie schwartz + jewish comedy :: who can argue with such a compliment?! news...
my panties are moist :: ok, but it's not like I'm incontinent
my tits weigh :: this is true. I've hoisted the twins on scales. they have weighed up to 10 lbers a pop
taught me how to suck :: again, can't argue with the truth. my bestie espy
torpedo tits :: sad. true.
vaccum pussy :: is that a modern day housewife?

not burning. banning burqas

did anyone happen to catch the dutch government's promised ban on burqas, article? I am always amazed by issues such as these and how quickly the conservative majority rallys in support of these government propositions. it's no different in our little american christian reich.

personally, I hate burqas. I find them horribly offensive and degrading to women. I hate the principles behind burqas. the whole thing just offends me to no end.

though I have difficulty conceptualizing this, I also do realize that some broads have big burqa pride.

the rationale behind the dutch government's decision is safety. so, included in the ban are face covering helmets and ski masks. all would not be permitted in a public venue.

no matter how you slice it, it's discrimination. it's an infringement on a person's civil liberties. it just is. period.

but, how do you protect a country without infringing on a person's unalienable rights? this is an ongoing dialogue I have with myself all the time. even when I am uncertain of the answer, I know without question that a violation of my freedom is never acceptable.

interesting. scary reads
Beyond Our Borders: The foes and woes of the lone superpower . . . and a Dutch Muslim woman
counter-terrorism in the netherlands
To the death: Radical Islamism is an ideology that provides a battle cry and a battle order.

fyi :: there are no images on google for slutty muslim. fear not, there are 23 for slut muslim. there is one image for burqa porn. 42 for muslim porn. 320 disturbing images for muslim sex. 36 for muslim whore.


I admit it. I am a cliche whore. love a good clit-chee. I do. I don't care if that makes me a predictable bitch. I find cliches fascinating. especially that people use them as replacement conversation, not fillers.


katie, all good things come to those that wait. time will tell. your ship will come in. nobody is perfect. if it doesn't come naturally, leave it. you're only human. indecision is the key to flexibility.

every line in that paragraph is a cliche. I used to work with the perfect secy. you know, the broad with the file drawer. that's really a, shhh. fatty snacks drawer. organized. compartmentalized. perfect. she only spoke in cliche and once responded to something I said in a similar fashion.

some cliche's are just so stupid, they're brilliant.


wisdom is not truth :: that is so office mug buddhabee.
truth is relative :: isn't that bush's motto?
secrets are secret :: is that what they are? who knew?!
no one owns cliches :: oooh. deep.
there are plenty more fish in the sea :: like women don't already have enough of a scent fear going.


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