Tuesday, January 24, 2006

my shame

so, I took louie vincenzo to the park this afternoon and while I was tossing the rope across the patch of grass, my sweatshirt unzipped from the top to the bottom, all by itself.


All of a sudden, my over-blessed rack, in a lovely black bra, is whippin' in the wind and three Russian cabbies are staring at the hoochies.


louie races back with his rope and plants it at my feet, panting like a dawg and wanting me to toss it. hello, space, please! but I was too busy discreetly trying to unzip and re-zip my sweatshirt and screaming at the Ruskies to mind their own fuckin' business and stop acting like they never seen titskas before.

What a freakin' fuck day. guess I'll never go back there again.


I am plagued with viscous insomnia. It sucks ASS. Big time. Last night, I was up all night. The sneezing and hellnine vomiting made it so much more glamorous. I'm such a lucky girl.


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