Thursday, January 04, 2007

random nonsense

"No pardner, this isn't where I work... It's where my money works for me. I know my savings are safe here, because wherever you see that insurance emblem displayed you know your savings are protected by an agency of the U.S. Government."

that's one hell of an ad I found online, isn't it?!

I've decided that abstinence is very similar to going carb free. there isn't an upside to either.

I really think there should be a fat sucking program for the poor. I see it as a win-win. lemme splain. fattie poor folk get fat sucked out of their bodies making them thin. their fat is then injected into poor starving people making them healthy and robust. it's a good idea, no?

I'm not sure what's worse, fat rash or fat pull. fat pull is when appropriatee fitting underwear still manages to get sucked under the majora belly roll.

in my opinion fat pull blows fat rash away. fat rash though uncomfortable can be remedied with powder or lotion.

one fellow fatty I consulted with thinks fat rash is way worse, because you can't avoid it, skin on skin getting moist --pretty fucking nasty. the girl makes a point.


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