Tuesday, January 23, 2007


unlike this fabulous diva and she IS a fabulous diva, I have flat jew ass syndrome. add the additional poundage and, wow, I am a serious wide load.

as we head into wednesday

I think she's praying for a sweet piece of ass. you?

so far this week is not sucking. let's hope the tides they are a turnin'. gotta get back to work now. most un-festive, but a girl does what a girl has to do (just look at the image above).

whack some other jew

people have lost their ever lovin mother fuckin minds.

last night my sister and I were in the car stopped at an intersection when some asshole took the right too wide and was heading right for us. ker was lookin at me and I was looking dead ahead and saw this big white car barreling towards us. like an idiot, I said, ker, we got a problem.

who says that?! what a fucktard thing to say.

then the car swerves and almost hits the car beside us, but doesn't and continues up the road soaked in shame. ps: my sister and I both looked at the couple the car also missed and thought we were having a bonding moment. yeah. not so much. this cunt glared at my sister and I LIKE IT WAS OUR FUCKING FAULT that the car ALMOST hit them. I was so furious, I screamed out the window, hey, lady, lighten up, you're walkin out of your car tonight, not being tagged, bagged or rolled. it wouldn't kill ya to crack a smile.

side note: mel gibson is a vile jew hating freak-o-nature, but I so want to incorporate sugar tits into my slang repertoire. the ish. I have terrible guilt, so I don't.

moses or jesus

I'm in a conundrum. when it comes to schlepping and ahj, who wins? moses or jesus.

this is hilar squared, a jesus moses comparagraph about their leadership styles. isn't that just so very myers-briggs? but, in an ivy league, secret society, frat house, raper-ee way. I don't know. seems very anti-religion.

deathy, but funny

wow-- now that's cunty


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