Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Just In

Sardonic and hilarsquared comedian Andy Kindler will be covering the RNC. He's on assignment for the "Late Show with David Letterman."

"Weather permitting, I will be appearing via satellite on the show (11:35 PM on CBS) starting this Tuesday, September 2, for three nights in a row!!! Each evening I will attempt comedy with a three second delay! I must be excited about this!!! Notice the overuse of exclamation points!?! My punctuation humor is top notch."

Ya Big Heeb

Jumping off the poli wagon for a mo... Here's a good yarn for yas. The good folks at Heeb Magazine, a most excellent Jewey read, one of my favorites, placed me in their Battle of the Schwartzes for the summer 08' issue. Fab, right? I thought so, too.

I highly recommend it, by the by. She, me, dished aplenty about my forthcoming book, Emotionally Pantsed, and my thoughts on being a Schwartz, etc. Ah, but there's a catch, if you look at the picture below, you'll see that it is me. However, look at the name? Not only did I get a new first name, I got a fabulous back-story-makeover.

Didjyas know I was a Jeweler? A famous one at that. When you pick up this issue and read about Lorraine, I'm sure you'll agree that she sounds like a very cool and wildly talented dame, to be sure. If the opportunity to get a back-story makeover presents itself, is it so terrible to be someone who sounds this cool?! No siree bob.

The winter issue of Heeb Magazine is due out in January/February, and this Katie Schwartz is scheduled to be in it. I will keep yas posted.

Palin's Offspring of Lies (UPDATE)

(FYI) Updates are in Red. Floating around the blogosphere are rumors that Palin's baby is her 16-year-old daughter's. I am jumping on this buggy faster than an Amish family churns butter.

When this story finally breaks, it'll be huge. My girl,
Politits has spun a must-read yarn with some interesting theories and facts we need to consider, It Matters. My other girl, PulpFriction is blogging her fierce and funny opinions, as well, here and here. And, of course, what post would be complete without the Daily Kos spin.

(UPDATE) My girlie girl
FranIAm has written a very important post about Faith and how Palin's faith, factors into this election. Read.

(Update) via @drugmonkey on Twitter regarding a new article on the Daily Kos, Sarah Palin is NOT the MOTHER. Run. Read. Now.

(Update) Politis new post Okay, Let's Talk About Something Important, John McCain's judgment and convictions to "Country First". Please read it. I love DCup. She's so damn brilliant.

(Update) September 1st, Palin says 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. In an effort to combat internet rumors that her daughter Bristol is the mother of Trig, Palinstine is now saying that Bristol IS 5 MONTHS pregnant and will marry the father. Second time she's knocked up, honey, not the first. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahd.

(Update) September 1st, Still Not Good, Politits. Read.

(Update) September 1st, Tuna or Mackeral, Fishy is Fishy, PulpFriction. Read.

(Update) September 6th, From The Left, Read it. Hilarious and important update about the spawn of satan's mistress, Palin.



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