Sunday, January 21, 2007

the sickest man I know

mount joy on bush's complaint about sahdy's hanging.

"I so cannot see how they fucked up those last two hangings accidently. I mean you only have to go to wikipedia, to find the "Official Table of Drops" that sorts it all out in easy to read metric and imperial measurements. It's all very Martha Stewart, really."

got nuttin' but love fah ya, mj.

sundays at schwartzys

1. no leewee journal entry today. I'm most forlorn about it. no family pics to mock. no entry to dissect. how am I supposed to go into my week without her direction and guidance? what about me? what about my needs?! a busy excuse just won't cut it. you can't have a WEEKLY journal if you're going to journal at your convenience. it's self defeating. just call it, the leepee journal whenever I fucking feel like it.

2. must clean. house is utter chaos. not totally, but for me it's chaotic (how very twit and sledge of me). I could not be less in the mood for a cleanse fest. I need the clarity, so I'm going to do it. tomorrow night is laundry. I hate bringing clean clothes into a dirty house. it's fat.

3. two writing deadlines this week that I haven't even begun. I suck. I've been skipping around one and I need to just dive in, womb first.

4. trying to get hageen groomed. he's covered in mud and smells like wet grass and canine fur. I must admit, I love it. still. kid's gotta get groomed today. at least he doesn't smell like pee pee. that would be vile. though dog excrement would probably be far worse.

5. after I clean, I'm going to have a fabulous, long, chick shower.

6. I think I'm also going to call my dad today and check-in. see how he's doing. haven't spoken to him in ages. the guilt. I'll call my aunt fudgie, too. but I have to clean first. I'm so unmotivated. I suck the ass of an old scotsman.

I'm done berating myself online, now it's time to segue into what promises to be a highly successful offline berating session. I just hope that doesn't cut into my cleaning time. although, I could combine them. ah, now that's using the noddle.

have a fabu sunday.


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