Saturday, March 10, 2007

here a lip, there a lip, everywhere a lip-lip

I've noticed a serious no joke lip movement (no pun intended) amongst the thirty something set in the greater los angeles area.

I'm a crotch watcher due to my lip phobia. I've unknowingly awakened the fear in the women in my family, too. so much so, my mother told me that while shopping for pants the other day, she asked the sales dame if she had lips. she was shocked. the retail gal, I mean. my mother was the first to ask that question. odd, no? my sister doesn't buy a new pair of pants without asking, am I lippy mess, before purchasing said trousers or jeans.

somebody please tell me why broads are bringing back lips? is it a phobia of men not knowing what a split pookie looks like? does it get you more dates?

it's very uncomfortable! it's like putting your vadge in a sausage casing.


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