Saturday, March 31, 2007

alphabet meemish

our beloved wp has tagged me for a meemish. if you haven't already, you have to read his alphabet meem. it's god damned funny. ps: another great read, inspired by our equally loved daleish, wp posted about his hair. have you read? run. read. hilar.

A- Available or Single

single by choice. available? not so much, but I will be soon! who's got wood?

B- Best Friend

my sister, izzy, katie, wellie pops

C- Cake or Pie

for a food addict, I can rationalize and celebrate both. each has a purpose, a time and a place. let's not take one and place its value above the other. that's cruel, insensitive and quite vile.

D- Drink of Choice

Coffee or lemonade mixed with iced tea. if I'm sick, hot tea.

E- Essential Item

my crack-n-berry. I really prefer not to be without it.

F- Favorite Color

red. ooh, I lah me some red, girl.

G- Gummi Bears or Worms

I'm a purist when it comes to candy, chocolate. I don't fuck around with gummi shit. I want it hard, fast and intense.

H- Hometown

queens, new york, bitches

I- Indulgence

more like overindulgence of food. we have a totally inappropriate relationship.

J- January or February

hi, february! I'm an aquarius, it's my birthday month. as if I'd choose jan over feb.

K- Kids

I don't have any except louie jew. I am still undecided. I just might want them. not sure whether I'd procreate or adopt. if I do adopt, I ain't goin abroad unless it's a kid I can make serious racial jokes about. though I suppose I can choose a desperately needy american child to make fun of, too. ooh, this is a tough one. I just might have to create an adoption-wheel-of-fortune to spin and make my selection that way.

L- Life is incomplete without


M- Marriage Date

ok bitches, I ain't married. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahd. I did it once in my twenties not to be repeated again. a serious relationship, living with someone = fabulous squared. I choose not to be a wife.

N- Number of Siblings?

5 fabulous sibs! three brothers and one sister. love them all dearly.

O- Oranges or Apples?

apples. I love apples, green, red, greenish-red. such an apple ho.

P- Phobias/Fears

my blog is saturated in my phobias and fears. you know what they are.

Q- Favorite Quote

I have soo many... to life and its many deaths-- stanley tucci. what matters most is how well you walk through the fire-- charles bukowski. which was to excel, to win out over anonymity and meaninglessness, to love and be loved, and above all, perhaps, to count-- Arthur Miller. It well may be that in a difficult hour... I might be driven to sell your love for peace, Or trade the memory of this night for food. It well may be. I do not think I would-- edna st. vincent millay.

R- Reasons to smile

playing catch with my dog. writing. hanging out with my sister. being loved by my friends and family. loving them back. weighing less each week.

S- Season

winter. winter. winter and fall. fall. fall. those are my two favorite seasons. I absolutely love them. the air is crisp and sexy. the clothing is fabulous and cozy.

T- Tag Three People

hard and fast, politits, sprawling ramshackle compound, plains feminist, mj and evil spock. I know I chose six, but you can't have six without three. right? plus, I really want to know their responses.

U- Unknown Fact About Me

I knit and I paint.

W- Worst Habit

I have far too many shameful habits to post about... though, I'm almost certain I already have.

Y- Your Favorite Foods

cheese. I have an inappropriate relationship with extra sharp cheddar cheese. I also love potatoes with wild, unrelenting passion.

Z- Zodiac


random shit

did you know there's a site called prison art? dedicated to procuring and selling art created by prizzy's.

what a lovely mural esther. who is the artist? he's a prisoner at attica serving life for murder. isn't he just so talented?
yes, I know, I need to get my supportive swirl on. working on it!

new topic

wp tagged me for a meemish and so did our favorite pharmacist the drug nazi. doing those today. check back because ya's have prally been tagged.

new topic

jesus was a shvatsah. celebrate it! I know it. you know it. we all know it. this whole caucasian interpretation thing is killin me. get with the program, people. location-location-location.

katie's been chopped

one of my favorite zealot christian blogs chopped me. I am so forlorn. as of this week, thursday to be exact, she made her blog by subscription only. no viewing for katie. I have to be invited. like that's gonna fuckin' happen.

sigh... such a blue jew

World's tallest man marries small woman

World's Tallest Man Takes a Much Shorter Bride

here are some excerpts from the article, Bao Xishun, a 7-foot-9 herdsman from Inner Mongolia, married 5-foot-6 saleswoman Xia Shujian several days ago, the Beijing News reported.

Bao's 28-year-old bride is half his age and hailed from his hometown of Chifeng even though marriage advertisements were sent around the world, it said.

"After a long and careful selection, the effort has been finally paid off," the newspaper said.

who paid who? how big was the dowry? I want details. recall a few months back I was worried about the dolphin whisperer peeling without pussy. it's comforting to know he won't. why didn't he marry the world's tallest woman? we need to find a missionary who will go cock hunting on her behalf. if he can catch puss, she can certainly catch a fella.

ps: they look like sibs. check out those punims up close and personal--- sibaroonies?


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