Tuesday, April 03, 2007

first class ticket to hell, please

let's just say hell does in fact exist... If so, I fear I've just received a first class voucher for a face to penis with the horn-daddy himself, the devil. wait, is that a bad thing?

fact: I am most forlorn about being 86'd from the christian blog that I read way too much. so, what does fehatty do in her desperate need for an invitation to read the christian blog? she goes and creates one called, I love me some god. her pen name of choice? what's the most un-jewish name she can think of? hmm... oh, I know, mary margaret ... with back story and all!

ps: it didn't work. I didn't score an invite. fuck.fuck.motherfuck.

but, I have come up with a scathingly brilliant idea, to take this blog, revamp it, and invite all of my interested blog friends to write wicked funny snippets about the obscure scanadlicious zealots, the ones not always on the front page. who wants in? spill!

from pappa schwartz with love

how californian are you?

you are 20% california, jewgirl

You are a bogus californian. go back to the east coast, preferrably new york city and do it now, right now.

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