Saturday, June 24, 2006

brokeback mountain... let's discuss

my best friend is gay.

in college, I was a fag hag. but, what chubby jewgirl in pink high heels with big tits wasn't?!

I love a voracious pig bottom as much as the next butch or bear top.

I think that brokeback mountain is an exquisite, profoundly moving, and long overdue gay love story.

now... having said that...

if it were any mother fucking slower, I would've fucking shot myself in the god damned fucking head. and the whole mountain-is-the-fourth-character, thing. oh-my-god. I wanted to scream, COULD YA JUST STOP FOR FIVE MINUTES with the intensity. a lil' levity, please. I swear to god it won't kill you.

I couldn't make it to the end. I know the end. an hour into it, I was so done, I wanted to burst. it was an exhausting film. but, very important.

that's how I feel about it.

top 5 reasons to own a cat

nicole's top 5 reasons to own a cat is so funny! you have got to read it.


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