Wednesday, April 18, 2007

give em' a dollop of daisy!

if there's one thing I love it's hypocricy, especially z-hip. it just makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy.

I happened upon an article yesterday called, homeschool mothers, the beatrice brigade, written by a z-peen.

are you hungry for a how to guide to becoming a god fearing, career-less woman? do you want to learn how to be ruled by a man? does the idea of a woman becoming president of the united states sicken you? if you answered yes to all of the above questions, by golly this is the read for you!

the article is wrong on every level, but what offended me the most was this:

There are now millions of these strong, independent, God fearing women in the United States. They ask nothing of government, but to be left alone.

really? ya don't say. these z-peens and z-vees spend millions of dollars lobbying to impose more government regulations and restrictions then any other group. if they really wanted the government to leave their z-asses alone, they would stop imposing god's law on state law.

I never sent out a memo to any of these broads saying, omg, you like so have to come with me to planned parenthood tomorrow! we can get back-to-back abortions and go out for ice cream afterwards. how much fun would that be?! I also didn't invite them to my bff's gay wedding, but that's only because I was worried the grooms would be out shined by a born again sporting a king's daughter frock.

think it through people!


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