Tuesday, June 03, 2008

If I had a Penny...

  1. ...for every prick that crawled up my ass today, I'd be Trump Daddy Doom with a far more fierce comb-over and all. Or, a super rich prossy. I did get bent over and paid, just not for sex.

  2. On an up note, I discovered a lovely new blog today called Cherry Ink: "It’s a place where you can share your experiences, imaginings, ponderings, feelings and questions. It’s your shared writing pad. Make yourself at home." Isn't that lovely?!

  3. Look what I happened upon today What Katie Did.

  4. Every day, I receive at least one email for another Katie Schwartz at katiegirl@gmail.com from all over the world. They're such personal emails. Katie Schwartz has been invited to baby showers, family reunions, alumni soiree's and my faves are the, "Katie, please take me back. I love you" emails. Awww. I do e-stalk them back though, and tell them it's the wrong Katie.

  5. More dish later.

  6. XO

  7. Jewgirl


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