Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quick Pilcrow Update

  1. Check out the vinty fab pilcrows above. 
  2. NOLA fundraising festival last night was BEAUTIFUL. I'm going to let Diva Guth tell you a bit about it. 
  3. I have so much wonderful dish from the festival. I can't wait to share every word with you, and will do so on Monday.
  4. Bubbsie introduced me to (I hope I don't fuck this up) whiskey?! I got so drunk, first time in two-years and I think I'm hungover. What a riot. I also got to meet Youngest Daughter - adorable, sweet and lovely, and spent more time with Oldest Daughter - campy, too hip for words and adorable. 
  5. I got to meet the famous Irish Ho last night-- I like her so much, she's one hell of a dame, that girl. Instant adoration. Looking forward to dishing with her more. 
  6. Menses commenced yesterday. 
  7. Today, there are a few more Pilcrow Panels, which you must attend if you can. I'm on the Classy Not Assey Panel. 
  8. Tonight is the Chicago Literary Magazines' Fiction Editors Reading
  9. That's the dish for now. 
  10. I miss my bloggy buddies and reading your delish blogs.
  11. I hope yas all are doing great and kickin' ass.
  12. XO
  13. Schwartzy
  14. PS: I'm so tired. Looking forward to passing out on the plane.


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