Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Get your Fixx Tomorrow Night, Lovahs

Tomorrow night (Thursday, April 3rd @ 7:30 PM) if you are in Chicago, do not forget to treat yourself to a literary feast, Guthy's Fixx Reading Series with Shanna Compton, Jennifer Knox and Danielle Pafunda. Hit The Mouth for details. Run like a dawg, bubbies.

Also, have ya's been checking in on the Pilcrow Lit Fest blog? There are some fantabulous interviews and the latest dish about the Crow of Pil. Hit it, yo.


While my sister and I were doing our laundj here, we noticed the dry cleaners sign. I am dying to know what color whtite is and most curious about the fabrics fancy and extra. When I walked in to inquire, the owner was out running an errand. The broad behind the counter said she doesn't answer customer questions and made it VERY CLEAR that she was just keeping an eye out for him until he returned.

He never did return.... Hmm.


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