Sunday, July 15, 2007


I have a tear in my eye and joy in my heart. our bubbsie said CUNT. I am kvelling. I am plotzing AND kvelling. bubbsie, this is HUGE!!! everyone race over to bubbsie's blog and congratulate him. this was no easy thing to do. this took a lot of work and time.

I am so proud of you, bubbsie. you have made this feminist jewgirl very happy!!! is mrs. bubbsie equally thrilled?!?!?! how do you feel? do you feel differently? are you empowered? uncomfortable? excited? what? spill, child, spill!

look, he really said it. here. don't believe me, look! (below. edited version)

Bubs said... bless us all with your groovy pictures and cunt talk.There. Are you happy now?

and how was your weekend, schwartzy

hot damn, what a weekend. what-a-weekend. I learned a lot. wrote a lot. cried a lot. shut the fuck up. cunts with moxie have feelings, donchya know. vulnerability is just not my thing. it's become a recent bedfellow. perhaps we'll one day even learn to live side-by-side. I'm not holding my breath either. in the end, I feel good. real good and that's a beautiful thing.

my neighbor changed her curtains. this is of great concern to me. does she think I'm peeking into her bedroom? I am, but not intentionally. I can't see in anyway. I just tend to stare out my window when I'm thinking. plus, her curtains are never open, so what's with the nazi panel she's cooked up?!?!?!

whatev. she's a freak. she says she only opens her windows during the summer. HI. ONE WINDOW DOES NOT AN OPEN HOUSE OF WINDOWS MAKE, COOKIE. look my way. every window is open. why? because I'm a fresh air whore all year round. I know and appreciate the meaning of fresh air. she's abusing the concept and misleading her neighbors.

I know I'm obsessing.

didjya's download the wooden sky's record yet? well, what the fuck are you waiting for, beautiful babies?! run. now. do it.

I got my first christian spam!!

music for god spammed me. I am disappointed. they didn't even bother to read the post before spreading the virus. said... Watch Christian music videos and place them on your MySpace or blog.

you'd think they would've had something to say about this prior to cumming all over my blog with his word.

here it is: I highly doubt jesus is disappointed. in fact, he's probably downing cunteeni's by the dozen. three weeks of non-stop chatter from p-cunt whilst in the clink would drive anyone to drink, even the most humanitarian fellah.

a girl can dream...

the wooden sky

by way of bacon bits, guthy just turned me onto the wooden sky. you will die and go to heaven when you listen to their music. die. listen to wooden sky. you can also buy their album on itunes.


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