Thursday, November 23, 2006

read. don't read.

those who live in liquored up houses should not throw bottles of red wine

a thanksgiving gift

thank god for al sensu: erotichism

transexual barbie

fab, ain't she?

hip burqa barbie

that barbie sure pulls off the modern day muslim dame, doesn't she? again... could she be ANY WHITER?!

burqa barbie

at least it's a fat free addiction. it's better than gorging myself on whole pies of the sweet and savory variety.

ps::: should she really be so creamy white? hi. beige. little more true to life.

praying barbie

I can't help myself. deal.

lw is on the move!

our favorite creepy christian has graced us with a new entry. it's not that great. + she's thinner. bitch.

Stormie Omartian :: ok, who wants to tell this christian diva that her namesake is a porn star?

fantasy barbie

jude deveraux the raider barbie and ken doll gift set

is that too much or is that too much?!

dead barbies

retired barbies? a collection exists. it's the barbie motherload.

more SIT!

finally an anatomically correct ken doll rubbing one out and his back is to us. mother fucker.

*sit = slut in training


no matter how liquored up that barbie tries to get ken, he still won't eat her pussy. with a hair don't like that and skin tight club wear, he's beggin for a ken cock nosh.


finally! a realistic "how to" become a SIT.

* SIT = slut in training

keep pace.

happy thanks fucking giving

well, here it is, thanksgiving. a national celebration of murder. but, it's not like it wasn't for a good cause. we just wanted to claim the usa for ourselves.

the years have passed. the leaders have come and gone, but not much has changed, has it?

fuck live and learn.



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