Thursday, December 21, 2006

where the hell has jewgirl been?

I never get sick. seriously. never. ok. maybe once a year. maybe. but that's it. what I just had. holy shit. I have hit my lifetime sick quota.

two weeks ago I got a head cold. fever. took a z-pack and rested. I was feeling much better until tuesday, a day after menses began. welllll... I just got my ass and stomach kicked by a flu that bent me over and left me for dead until today. I have never felt so sick in my life. I have never begged to be removed from my body until I got this flu. I never EVER want to go through this again. it was life changing. how strange is that? who knew a flu had such power. maybe it's just post flu blues. who knows.

I had a fever of 102-103. every orifice felt gang banged by 10 gnomes, 12 elves, 3 sleighs and 50 trolls.

after 4 failed soposotires, I called my doctor on wednesday night BEGGING HER for an anti-nausea drug. with insurance 175 = 9 pills. thank god for insurance because without it, it would've cost 700 for 9 pills.


scary, isn't it.

all I know is that this afternoon I finally started feeling better again. like me.

who knew a flu could catapult a girl into, what? creepy.


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