Saturday, January 13, 2007

10 things meemish tags

you know that 10 things freak out post?! well, wp asked me to do a 10 things you need to know about katie post. if I'm gonna do this, so are YOU... see the list?! you better do it. we'll call this meem:

"the 10 things about meemish that I really don't want to tell you but will because I'm a freak."

wp: I know you hate me right now
riback: if you sigh in irritated fashion, mister mister, you know the consequences. I'm pms'ng
sensu: I can hear the, you cuntsteinowitz from hell, pouring out of your mouth.
politits: you're a spirited jewgirl and will have MUCH to say on the topic!
bubs: come on... you gotta do it. <- that's guilt.
mount joy: the shock value alone will be worth it and you haven't posted in a hundred years.
johnny yenta: do it!
evil spockowitz: you have to do it in third person.
lewchers: anything less than sarcasm will not be accepted
skirmish of wit: witty and clever always rules out.
self help: throw me a bone, wouldjya?!
daleish: PLEASE!!!

the other peeps I would also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do this, but who probably won't are: lesbian dad, crionaberry, doc, amers, cpunch, bathos, drug boy, whineish, the daily pitchfork.

and now for.... fartkisaf

fartkisaf: friday's fears and reminder that katie is a freak.... but on saturdays.

1. more troops being sent to iraq.
2. americans will still be fast asleep when the next presidential election rolls around.
3. the dems won't choose a truly winning prezy and vice prezy combo.
4. the anti-semitism will continue to swell in this country until it explodes.
5. gay marriage will never be seen as a basic human and equal right.
6. leepee will never write me back.
7. stem cell research will never reach its full potential in this country, resulting in more inhumane and devastating suffering and deaths.
8. censorship and freedom of speech will continue to flourish.

ok, so it's been an introspective week. can you really argue with my ahj and fears? I mean, really, can you?!??!?!?

chubby jesus

I am so thrilled right now, I can't even begin to tell you.... a chubby j is a happy j.


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