Tuesday, October 03, 2006

more fuck tuesday

day sucked a midwestern subaru driver's ass.
spoke to vet.
was overdrawn.
hate people.
they say mean things.
yeah. I can be a delicious cunting whore, but I ain't mean.
I ain't spiteful.
I ain't a cunt.
cunty and cuntish do not equate to cunt.
want this year to end.
so done.
need a new year.
new season. new beginning.
this is as vulnerable as it's going to get, people.

save boobs: boobiethon.com:: ends october 7th. what are you waiting for!

fuck tuesday

you know that song::

Jenny, I got your number
Jenny, I need to make you mine
Jenny, don't change your number

WHAT HAPPENED HERE?! what planets aligned so tommy tutone could sell this top of the pop chart, inapropriate tune?!

I am so offended that it popped into my head without any forwarning. I feel violated.



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