Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PoliQs Of Great Importance From 5 Great Women!

I could not be more in love with FranIAm, DCup, ImpeachmentAndOtherDreams, HelenWheels and DivaJood, five brilliant women, than I am right now in this moment.

I am so proud of each of these dames and admire their moxie so hard. Eloquently parsing fact from fiction, expressing their disdain with the Bush regime while articulating their views about why we should vote for Obama Biden and sharing how the past eight-years have impacted their lives personally and professionally. You have got to read what they've written. Speaking for myself, every literary morsel took my wig off, made me think and taught me something new about each politician that I am grateful for.


Run. Read. Now. Here's the dish:

DCup of Politits, my sweet, open-minded friend and blogger spoke at length about the economy and the war. The important separation of church and state. Our loss of civil liberties and how much worse it will get should McCunt and Palin make it into office, and ending our dependence on fossil fuels. Click ovah, bubbies.

My good friend and fascinating dame with an indefatigable spirit, FranIAm wrote about the importance of separation of church and state, the economic woes we would continue facing if Bush/Palin win and, and, and how myopic their agenda would be if elected, versus thinking about what's best for America, especially in this horrific and what I regard as deadly economy. Beautiful. Go on, get your click on.

ImpeachmentAndOtherDreams, a new blog buddy, wrote at length about the economy, re-regulation and where we're headed if McCain/Palin steal the election. PS: One of her comments about sacrificing the goat is hilarsquared. The part about Palin being a tool for the patriarchy is brilliant. Again, you know the drill... Click, click, click.

HelenWheels, New blog buddy, to be sure. Though originally not an Obama supporter, which I can relate to because I was hoping for Hillary, expresses honestly why those who might not have originally chosen him should vote for him. The issues HW tables about global warming, the war, health care, civil liberties, international relations and our economic infrastructure include lots of important facts! Brilliant points all around. Run. Read. Now. After you've fallen for her, HelenWheels also posted about voter cockblocking that you must read.

DivaJood, a dame I adore slammed us with health care, the environment, the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade, the war and with pure candor, the impact to her life personally and professionally. Great facts on Palin's pro-life posture veiled as "Feminists for Life". Drag your gorgeous touchases to her blog and check it out.

Anyone interested in participating and tagging other great political bloggers, I beg you to do so. If you need the questions, you'll find them over at each bloggers post above. You can also e-stalk me and I'll e-mail them to yas. Oh, and, darlings, send me the URL. I will post about it and link to you.

This election is too important for any of us to be apathetic. Ooh, that was pushy-judgey-judgey. Sorry. Hey, I'm a pushy dame. Are you new?!

I am filled with awe and gratitude for these goils and thank them dearly.

Just an FYI, 5 more days to vote on JDC's magnifique essay. He's getting great feedback, by the by and many votes.


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