Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the goddess that is arianna huffington

have you seen this project on the huffington post, the wisdom of the crowd hits the 08' campaign trail?

here's an excerpt of the article: We are recruiting large groups of citizen journalists from around the country to cover the major presidential candidates.

Each of these volunteer reporter/bloggers will contribute to a candidate-specific group blog -- offering written updates, campaign tidbits, on-the-scene observations, photos, or original video. We'll have a Clinton blog, an Obama blog, an Edwards blog, a McCain blog, a Giuliani blog, a Romney blog, a Biden blog, a Richardson blog, a Dodd blog, a Kucinich blog, a Brownback blog, a Huckabee blog. Each offering a wide variety of voices and perspectives on the campaign they are following. These group blogs will also be a compendium of useful information about each candidate, including their latest speeches, upcoming appearances, new videos and ads, recent news articles and more.

This citizen journalism will be in addition to the coverage provided by HuffPost's staff reporters, and the commentary provided by our regular bloggers, as well as our aggregation of news coverage from mainstream and online media.

is this tits or is this tits!!!! I expect to see
riback, d-cup, the daily fucking pitchfork from heaven, romius and if mj lived in this country, mj.

I'm a schmuck

talk about a fuckin weird ass day. no. really. weird.

someone stole my fuckin' chair and I'm really pissed off about it. I think it was one of the hh's or my new shoulda-been-fabulous gaybor. here's the scoop: right in front of my door, in the hallway, I have a 1950's table with two vinty black chairs. they don't belong to me. I have a giant note on them that says, please do not take these. I am delivering them to someone. sorry for the inconvenience, schwartzy.

well, today when my sister was on her way out, we noticed my table was ajar and one of the chairs was MIA. I said, someone stole my fucking chair?! can you believe that? I'm a dead woman. I am so grossed out and skeeved by that, I can't even tell you. I'm going to knock on his fucking door and if my chair is there, I'm stealing it back, so there!

new topic

I'm almost certain two eggs dropped this menses because I'm bleeding like it's going out of style. If I knew it was donatable, I would so schlep to the red cross and spread.

new topic

I got two of the strangest, most random emails today. one from a chubby chaser who doesn't even know I'm vertically challenged. weird. the second from a dude I've also never met with a jewey fetish. his fetish wasn't eroticizing to me. no, it made me think of my grandparents. and, that's just not hot. to me.

hotness prevails, worst video ever

you have got to see wine cone's impressions. you're going to want to click away, but you can't. this video is so vile it's hilar squared. he's a big queen-ish, hot, and doesn't stop talking for five fucking minutes.


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