Thursday, April 05, 2007

los angeles, FUCK YOU!

check this out. it's so disgusting, I am ready to spit twice and cry. tonight I went to pick up some scrips for jewboy. when I got to my car, it wouldn't start. I drive a vinty car. surprised? I love it. it has big sentimental value.

I was parked in a parking lot in west hollywood between la cienega and robertson. it's a fab gay naybahood, completely safe. there were several cars coming and going, so I took out my jumper cables and began the hock.

to sweet meat with grrroovy specs, my battery died, would you mind giving me a jump? I have cables. um. well, like this is a new car and I don't even know how to open the thing. (me, bewildered, but unfettered because there are so many cars, says) um, ok. thanks anyway.

I gave the same shpiel to a seemingly happy-go-lucky redheaded girl and she said, no. (me, wide-eyed surprise) no? oohhkay.

to a group of well groomed, toned queens pouring out of a brand new mercedes, I mixed it up a bit and went with a jewey approach. hi, sorry to bother you, oy vey do I have ahj. my battery just died. would you mind terribly giving me a jump. come on, be a mensch. they laughed. you find this amusing, do you? my car won't start and that's funny to you. or is it that I had the audacity to ask you to pop your shiny new hood and I don't mean dropping trow?! you're funny. one of the queens said as he and his mini power posse made their way to the fat-fuck-you-free yogurt shop.

the next fellah was smiling, exiting our vet's office with his jack russell in tow. would you mind giving me a jump? I have cables. he ignored me, and so did the next four fucking assholes.

I responded to all of thee fuckers by saying, it's not like I'm asking for underwear! did I ask you for money? no. but, I have my own cables! what is wrong with you?!

I had to call aaa to get a jump because nobody would take 5 fucking minutes to help a girl out. can you fuckin believe that?!


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