Monday, March 26, 2007

bill clinton wants to save tv land

Baby boomer Clinton goes to bat for TV Land

By Paul J. Gough
March 26, 2007

"As you know, my wife is away, so I'm home alone a lot," Clinton said of Sen. Hillary Clinton, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. "I'm particularly grateful to TV Land for giving me something to do at night."

ok, that's a joke, right? the part about being home alone a lot and not having anything else to do but watch tv land. there isn't a heterosexual liberal lolita out there who doesn't want to suck or fuck bill's bat. I'm probably the only fat jew dame in the free fuckin world who hasn't been granted the privilege of being his oral service provider.

what am I? chopped livah! I will SO dress up as lucy and he can play hoss and we can fuck on dirt. or, I can suck him while he rides in on his big boy horse.

jessica simpson and john mayer

jessica simpson must give other wordly head. like I'm talking the ability to suck a bagel through an asian man's cock. otherwise how does this a union make?

jessica simpson donates a minivan

jessica simpson donated a free minivan to an orphanage in mexico.

"I'm so honored and happy to be able to help," said Simpson, who hugged Mama Lupita and the throng of kids who had waited anxiously to see her and presented her with gifts, including an engraved plaque with a photo of the kids and a beaded necklace they'd made for her.

A spokesperson for Chrysler confirmed: "Instead of the Chrysler Crossfire, she decided to get a minivan for the orphanage instead. She went for the Chrysler Town & Country."

what does she do for an encore, deliver the used toilet paper from her ass? if you're going to give a shitty a gift, go the distance and give a shitty gift.


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