Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Non-Sequitur Dish. Keep Pace

Danny Bonaduce has a MySpace page. Yeah. I know. Not one peeny pick. Though, he is wearing cheap mascara and dirty black eyeliner. I swear to God, this man's face looks like a prunicated, geriatric ball sack, dredged in vintage tar and soaked in southern chewed tobacco. I'm so glad he's not looking up from between my legs. I'd kill myself.

Busy day. Went to the laundrette tonight with my sister. We had such a laugh. I dished with an old friend. Weird convo. I'm afraid we're growing apart. You know those long pauses, like when you feel the person you're talking to is holding something back that you can't quuuuite put your finger on?! This was that. I hope not. I'd be such a bluejew. We've known each other for over 20 years.

I was thinking about the zelly set today and how they prioritize their love. The Lord comes first. Husband/wife second. Kids third. I'd have such a complex. Yes, I know they're freaks.


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