Saturday, August 23, 2008

You Kick Motha Fuckin Ass

My girl and dear friend, Frannylish and Kelso's Nuts, another true and dear friend, of one of my favorite reads The Daily Pitchfork, overly-generously awarded my blog with the Kick Ass Blogger award. How super menschy are they?! Seriously.

From Frannygirl: Katie - my Jewgirl There is nothing else for me to say. She is the kickiest assiest broad of all. She put the gefilte in the fish, the matzoh in the ball and the mazel in the tov. I love her without reservation.

From Kelso's Nuts: KATIE "JEWGIRL" SCHWARTZ of All The Way From Oy To Vey: Very funny and honest writer with New York neighborhood smarts, a slick Hollywood cynicism, a wry Northern English layer, and a personal-is-political feminism that everyone has to dig. Literate, literary and sexy.

I know, right?! Plotzarella squared. I think they were under a guilt influence at the time.

This list could easily exceed 50. If you look at my blogroll, you'll see that all of the bloggers I've posted are blogs I love and read often-- they all kick mothah fuckin' ass. I'm only allowed to choose so many, oy to the vey...


(1) Choose five other bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers” (2) Let them know that they have received an award. (3) Link back to the person who awarded you.

Lesbian Dad: An extraordinary, soulful writer who reminds us about the beauty of family in its many incantations. She celebrates feminism in what I consider to be an earthy, bountiful and distinctive way, drawing on the history, our history, and dishing it up with a modern voice.

Madam Z: Diva Z is so fucking irreverent. God forbid she holds back, God forbid. I respect and appreciate the hell out of her for this.

Gail Konop Baker: Author of Cancer Is A Bitch due out in October, available now at Persus Books, is a magnificent, brave and beautiful writer and person. I adore this child hard.

Doreen Orion: Author of Queen of the Road out since June, now in its fifth printing, is belly laugh hysterical, adorable and one of the most exquisite writers I've ever read. She's fabulous and flawless.

Virgotex: Virg and I share a deep and passionate love for Adrienne Rich's work. An activisit, divine feminist, choice photographer, animal lover and truly good hearted person, Virg is one of a kind, and a special dame I couldn't adore more.

Freida Bee: My co-editor at Dear Thyroid, a kick ass, insanely frank writer, FreidaBee is tits to the tenth. Her blog is as jarring as it is welcoming, she takes my wig off with her level of candor. I have undying admiration for her and her work. A very sagey broad indeed.

Passion of the Dale: POTD as I've coined him, is David Sedaris' loin fruit and my eye candy. Fucking sick, dark brilliance.

The Very Hot Jews: My heeblettes, two celebrated, gifted writers with one hell of a POV. Whether they're dishing politics, noshes (they love good food), or life, they spill their guts into each post, hilarsquared intellectual porn.

Cormac Writes: My online BFF 4Evah and my very good and true friend. Though Cormac recently broke up with WriteProcrastinator, he continues delighting us with his glorious, mysterious yarns (always) with a vintage twist (love that). He's one of the finest fiction writers I know and wildly talented.

DrugMonkey: My dear friend and thyroid advisor (you know what you did during that time, child). DM is a pharmacist to the people, dispensing pearls of wisdom that we need to be informed about. He does it with such wit, cynicism, irreverence and (though he'll kill me for saying this), a sprinkle of hope.

BookFraud: Is no fraud. In fact, I'm convinced he's a famous writer and BF is his dirty little secret. He has a sharp, biting with and he's so damn talented. If you haven't read his bloggy, you must. It is such a divine, writerly read.

My other two choices are Sprawling Ramshackle Compound and Cup'a Joe (cup-of-coffey). They're both slammed, so I'm not sure if they have the time to post. I love these two so much. SRC and I met and spent time together in Chicago. He's the sweetest, kindest, menschiest person and his writing is off-the-hook, it's so fucking good. Though I've not met Coffeykins in the flesh yet, I look forward to the day we are dishing face-to-face. She's an amazing friend and a beautiful writer.

Q4U Fabulous Readers

Ahhhkay, here's the deal. I'm striving for change, so, you know, I'm changing everything in my life, as many things as possible, from the minutia to the extreme to achieve a greater good within myself. No, I'm not becoming creeparella-hemptress. Breathe. Come on now, it's me!

In the midst of all of this self imposed change, there's this one thing that I can't seem to part with: my altoids tin. I've used this tin as my wallet for years (Frannygirl's seen it and I think Bubbsie, too), I'm talking 10 years we've been together.

There is a lot of personal significance and meaning for me with this fuckin' tin (the shame... I know).

The a-tin represented a time in my life when I felt the most free, when things in my life were so close to exactly the way I wanted them to be. There was accelerated movement in all areas of my life. I find myself wondering many things at the mineee... Am I afraid if I let it go, I'm giving up the concept that possibilities and better times exist? If I don't let it go, will be holding myself back from all of this change?

So, dear readers, I want your opinions. What do you think should do? Spill.


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