Sunday, June 01, 2008

Random Dish

  1. Best Spam Headline from BFF PaintPusher: Well Hung Christian Single Russian Girls. I feel like it's missing, insert-transsexual "here". Or insert-God-Fearing-Men "here". Thoughts?
  2. Our Bethy girl has a photo credit! On Hollis Gillespie's site
  3. From my brother Ben, Mobile Locate. Check it out, you can locate anyone via their cell phone. Creepy enough?!
  4. Alterna Title Sequal Tive post by Cormac Brown is so fucking funny. Run. Read. Now.
  5. I broke up with Mac. I'm so sorry, I just couldn't do it. Mac is far too straightforward. I like an operating system that requires over-thinking. Please don't hate me.
  6. I almost got sent to Russia accidentally when trying to fly back to LA. How does one make that mistake?!
  7. Three hours into my flight from east to the west, I had an allergy attack and couldn't stop sneezing. The broad to my right kept glaring at me-- snatch. I was so irritated, I finally said, "You glaring at me will NOT make me stop sneezing." She laughed. Cuntola. Gahhhd.
  8. While in the Hamptons, Mr. Loooongggiiisland schlepped my bag onto the Jitney and said, "Fuck, this is heavy. What the hell ya got in hea, ya kids?" I said, "Just the adopted ones."
  9. I will be in NYC after the 4th of July. I expect to meet all NYC bloggers (if yas are in town).
  10. More later. I have a ton of blog reading to catch up on.
  11. Why is my Internetsso slow today?
  12. XO
  13. Schwartzy
  14. PS: I fucking love this picture.

The Dish On Pilcrow

The Pilcrow lit Fest was an extraordinary experience. The festival was a true celebration of all things writing and community building. There were so many brilliant writers and authors, Ben Tanzer, Gail Konop-Baker, Jill Alexander Essbaum, Steve Himmer, Angela Gant, Elaine Soloway, Elizabeth Crane, Adam Deutsch, the list is endless, here it is. Publishers, publicists, Internet Marketing Gurus, Zines, Timothy Schaffert's Omaha Literary Festival, The Rebuilt Books Auction to support the NOLA Library rebuilding project, which raised $4,000. All hosted and curated by Amy Guth. Please read her detailed post about the entire weekend, it is most inspiring. I'm so proud of her and what she accomplished. Pilcrow's first year was one hell of a success!

Two wonderful documentarians I had the privilege of meeting, run the site UnScene Chicago, Tiffany Tate and Sawyer Lahr, they are so lovely and fabulously talented. (Side note) Tiffany, bubbie, you couldn't make a girl look thinnah, dahlink?!)

Fixx Reading Series - 052208 from TheFemGeek on Vimeo. More dish on the festival on UnScene Chicago.

Bubbsie is the shit. I want to join the B-clan. Meeting him in person and spending time with him, Oldest Daughter and Youngest Daughter was such a treat. His family will take your wig off. They are each so very unique, warm, wicked smart and funny as hell.

I hadn't been on a stage in 2-years, so it was quite amazing to get my legs back, as the saying goes, at The Fixx Reading series, a wonderfully supportive environment. I saw many aspects of old Katie-ism's resurface when I was certain they were MIA for good, the improvising, for example. I saw new things, too. My mind is still in recovery, for lack of a better expression from the Graves'. Instead of ignoring when I'd lose my place, I pointed it out. Previously, I zealously stuck to the material I was reading and breezed past what I missed. I'm curious to see how I change in future readings, to be announced this summer. Plenty of readings to come.

Pilcrow also marked my "Coming out" of semi-reclusion. I couldn't have chosen a more nourishing way to get out.

On Friday, the official day Pilcrow started, I got great news from my endocrinologist. My thyroid is ... NORMAL. Say it again. NORMAL. One more time. NORMAL. I am so happy, I can't stand it. Oh, and, as of this morning, I am down 24.5 pounds. YA-HOOZEY.

Sitting on
panels was a fantastic experience, I absolutely loved it, Multi-format writing and dishing with other writers about how many mediums each writer focuses on. The Assey Not Classy panel was too festive for words, really. Professionalism, burning bridges, when to speak up and hold your tonuge-- so fantastic. On Re-Routing Recovery, it was incredible to hear everyone's story and share my own. Learning the impact of the creative process and being sick / healing and how each person dealt with it or literally changed their writing styles was fascinating. I went to every panel I could and learned so much about marketing your book online and offline and came up with some fabbylish ideas, too.

I'm hitting all of your bloggies this weekend to catch up and see what ya's have been up to. I got back into town last night. Here I am. Let's dish.


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