Wednesday, March 07, 2007

fuck, this city sucks the ass of a beast

here's a lil' something to consider, when someone says, I can't breathe. I am nauseous. I can't breathe. I really can't breathe anymore. I have to go right now. I can't do this. let me go. I just want to breathe. you should definitely STOP TALKING because a panic/anxiety attack is on the horizon. just one of life's little side notes.

on an up note, a single chap, bit rough on the eyes, rolled up on a sweet ass vintage harley and paused to flirt with tittiestum. his bike was fabulous. I thought he was high until I saw the stuffed, hawaiian themed monkey on his back (that ain't a fuckin' metaphor, joke or innuendo). turns out that lil monkey is his faithful companion. as luck would have it, he was retarded. special. touched. short bus.


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