Sunday, March 25, 2007

my new friend, sheel

my new friend sheel, e-stalked me and turned me onto some fabulous blogs and such. she's quite an irreverent bird. we need to hock her to write a fucking blog... she does guest blog on jesus general. she's going to be sending some groovy beaver satire links, too. can't wait!

remember my dove post? well, one news now posted their great disdain for dove's ad and how offensive it is. check it out courtesy of sheelicious.

sheel, check out politits. ya'll love ha. she's a jew broad who spins many a satirical yarn.

ps: she sent me this fab fucking link to modest swimwear for the zealot set.

david o'russell really loves women

this is so wrong on every single level, I can't even begin to tell you. so lilly had a moment, please, like it warranted THAT abuse. someone has too much money and too much time. we won't say who.

I am the father of anna nicole smith's daughter

Frederick Von Anhalt, Howard Stern and Larry Birkhead have all claimed to be the fathers of one severely rich infant. whatever. I've decided that I want in. so, I'm a chick... with a vagina... a few ovaries and a womb. who says I can't be the father?!

so she lubes her face a little. grease face could be all the rage in my clit-to-cock-make-me-rich fantasy. anything is possible! why the fuck hasn't anyone come forward claiming that the fruit of anna's loins is actually jfk's kid?! hello, frozen sperm... marlyn-monroe?!?! you feel me?


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