Thursday, October 26, 2006

in the year 2006, they said what?

so far this year, I cannot believe some of the offensive and racist comments that I have heard. that people have actually said TO MY face without giving it a second thought.

1: I thought your people were only allowed to eat unleavened bread?
2: do you know where I can find the best bagels in los angeles?
3: when it comes to the coloreds...
4: it's ok for lesbians to be in positions of power because they have an organic male ability to intellectualize a problem, but not straight women. they are far too emotional.
5: I don't think your parents will appreciate your brother bringing home an asian girl.
6: you were in an actual relationship with a black man?
7: middle class white people don't get std's. just gays and poor people.
8: immigrants are ruining this country.
9: I'm surprised you haven't gotten a writing job in television yet. jews run hollywood and you're a jew.
10: I would never fuck a fat chick. if I were drunk, I'd consider letting her blow me. but that's it.


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