Friday, November 09, 2007

Unfuckable Laugh

I am the first to admit that I have a hearty, robust laugh. I live to laugh. It's my drug of choice. I howl and even snort at times. With all of those laughoibles, I have never been told that my laugh was unfuckable. EVAH.

Today, I witnessed an unfuckable, haunting laugh. A laugh so high pitched, so duplicitous and so from-the-neck cackley (not the womb, which is much deeper and more authentic), I wanted to vomit. No, run. No, vomit. No, run. Both. Yes, both.

This broad exploited and perverted laughter. It was an atrocity. She couldn't be stopped. She laughed mid-bad-joke and at no-joke. She abused laughter, reviled it and stripped it of integrity. I am appalled, shaken and disgusted.

PS: This bag'a bones keeps landing easy-on-the-eyes peen and with a laugh gone so shamefully awry. Oy vey.

PSS: I can also report that she laughs in front of her peeny suitors. I wonder if they're deaf.


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