Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Twist Tie Guy

Ages and ages and aggggggggggges ago, I posted about the secret life of twist-ties. Remember? You don't? Okay, check it out here. I was OCD'ng hard about TT's at the time (what else is new?!)

I got a comment a few weeks ago regarding that post from RyanD. I saved it, hoping there was an e-addy attached, but there wasn't. However, I did look him up and he's a Twist-tie artist and sculptor and his work is pretty tt-fly. Check it out, yo.

Billy's Willy

I love web hosting emails with subject lines that read No Rack Fees. It always makes me think of the twins and how affordable it would be if they would just cross over to the bra space. Right now, I'm averaging $25 a tit for airport-security-alarm bra support.

Speaking of breasts, I saw Bill was on the news yesterday regarding the many women he's fucked and continues to fuck. Um. DUH. Every generation of woman I know wants Billy's willy in her Wageeena. He could be 110, hobbling on a cane and I'd still want him to dine on my Y.

I'm so tired today. All I want to do is make myself horizontal. I can't though, too much to do. Argharooney.

Speaking of Rooney, does Mickey still have a pulse? Okay, that was cunty. I take it back. I'm just so damn tired. I think I'm procrastinating. Yup. That's it, I'm being a big screaming procrastinating douche.

Shuf it Baby

Loverdeedo's, Jewgirl is about to hook yo' asses up! While I do love a fabulous heel, when it comes to comfort shoes, I am no joke. I give you Shuf's. Sure, they're a little hempy. I will have you know these unisex slip-on's will give your feet pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. I'm not kidding. I schlep everywhere in these babies and so will you. Oh, and, they're on sale from 80 duckets to $14. Please. Does it get any better? Run like a dawg and buy a pair. They come in red, brown, grey and beige. I have grey and brown (like we give a shit, Schwartz). PS: Make sure you get them a half size smaller than your foot size because they run big. I'm just sayin'.


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